Modafinil is an agent that promotes wakefulness and allows people to focus their mind to whatever it is they wish to do. It is mostly being used by college students and hard-working people, but it is not uncommon for the busy housewives to use it to overcome all the difficulties a busy day has to offer. Apart from this, this drug has also been used to treat people that are suffering from various types of sleep disorders, and unofficially, some people use it to combat depression and the ADHD.
However, recently, it was discovered that Modafinil can also be used for weight loss. You see, Modafinil is a drug that allows us to feel better and more focused by increasing the levels of dopamine in our bodies, and one of the side effects of such an action is weight loss. In fact most people that have been using this drug have said that they have notices that they have started losing weight without even trying to.
Modafinil Side Effects on the MindBasically, this happens because the high levels of dopamine reduce the feeling of hunger, and some even say that, while they’re taking this drug, the food is the last thing on their mind; some even completely forget to eat! This lack of appetite will lead you to eat less food, and this will lead to weight loss. However, this is not the only cause of losing weight while you’re on Modafinil from NZTMODA. Another cause of this might be the cognitive enhancement. This allows your brain to work better and makes you mentally superior to your past self. And such a person always makes better decisions, including the eating decisions. So, your enhanced mental performance might lead you to question your past dieting habits, exercising habits, and the overall lifestyle habits, and then force you to change them for the better!

Another thing that leads to weight loss is the energy increase after taking Modafinil. You see, if you are a lot more energetic, you’ll also be a lot more physically engaged and keeping yourself busy at all times. This will (willingly or unwillingly) make you exercise, move around a lot more, and do various stuff that will make you work out and lose weight!
Some people don’t work out because they just don’t feel motivated enough to do so. Well, all this will change with Modafinil, because this drug will give you all the motivation you need and will stop you questioning yourself. This will lead you to want to try and improve yourself, and if you’re suffering from too much weight, it will help you force yourself into going out and working out! You’ll feel a lot more motivated to work out, but not only that; you’ll feel motivated to start a diet that ought to follow a great workout! All in all, you’ll wish to change yourself for the better!
Another reason why Modafinil is a drug that can be used for weight loss are its side effects. Not all people, but some of them, have said that this drug causes nausea. If you’re one of them, than eating would be the last thing on your mind while taking Modafinil. Some other side effects that might help out with the weight loss include diarrhea and vomiting. Now, this here isn’t some wonderful stuff, but it is something that adds to the fact that Modafinil can help with the weight loss.
And finally, perhaps the most crucial part of the answer to the question of why Modafinil can help us lose weight – it speeds up our metabolism! Now, this is just a theory, but more and more experts have started to believe it, and why shouldn’t they, when all the proof is right there: a person that takes Modafinil and eats the same amount of food and exercises the same as a person that isn’t taking this drug will lose far more weight! It has to do with the changes to metabolism, and Modafinil is the cause of that.


Loose 38lbs In 4 Weeks Using Modafinil?

Now, the main question here isn’t if the Modafinil can help us lose weight; we’ve already seen that it can, the main question now is how much weight we can lose with the help of this drug. Well, this one is difficult to answer because not all people are the same. However, some experts have come to the conclusion that if you use this product properly, in one year’s time you should be able to lose anywhere between 5-10 kg.
Even though Modafinil can be great for losing weight, it should not be used just for that. Losing weight with Modafinil would be a great “side effect” to taking this drug, but you should never take it just for that. Use it for its intended purpose, and the weight loss will just be a great addition!

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