How To Buy Bitcoins

Buy Bitcoins using Credit Card

Let us introduce you to the latest Bitcoin exchange, named You’ll find that other than doing the job it is expected to do, it is incredibly striking and convenient to use.

They are not unduly inquisitive about your personal details. All international credit card holders can buy from them and so we have no hesitation in recommending them as authorized dealers for selling bitcoins to holders of international credit cards. Holders of such a card can buy bitcoins from almost any part of the world.

By the way, we also recommend for buying bitcoins to consumers having an account with banks in the US.

On patronizing this extremely easy to access Bitcoin exchange, you’ll receive coins within ten minutes, at most. They accept credit cards from a number of countries, but you should be prepared to pay a slightly higher fee on buying through your credit card.


Buy Bitcoins through your Bank Account in the USA


Circle is a novel startup for buying Bitcoins. We recommend USA based if you are considering buying Bitcoins using international credit card. It allows you to link your USA based bank account for depositing funds in your account. On doing so, you save good amount of money on fees, which are higher in case you opt to buy using your credit card. Actually, you are not charged any fee if you purchase Btcoins via your bank account.

The procedure is quite akin to creating an account with PayPal. Visit their site to sign up and connect your bank account for depositing funds to your Circle account. It may take three to five banking days before you get your coins for spending.


Buying Bitcoin Using Cash is a remarkable peer-to-peer Bitcoin market. Whether you want to sell your bitcoins or buy the same, from any part of this world, you’ll find this to be the main center for trading bitcoins. This is similar to Ebay but a bit more convenient.

The design of this website is very practical so it provides superior accessibility. Once you visit this website you may not find it particularly attractive but it certainly isn’t repulsive. It is straight and to the point. You just mention the country you want to trade in and you’ll get a feedback including reviews and ranks of a number of traders. You also get various options of making payments, including PayPal, cash, international wire transfer and a lot more as per trading partner chosen by you. You may even employ escrow services for extra security.

On the whole, is an enormously effective marketplace. However, getting started with them is not too easy for beginners and they would do well to avoid it. It takes them one to three days for delivering funds.