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Sleepy in the Day, Can’t Concentrate, Foggy Mind, Struggling to Focus… Sound Like You?

Modafinil is being taken by Silicon Valley CEO’s, Fighter Pilots, Wall Street bankers & Top University Students to enhance their cognitive performance.

Who Exactly Takes These Smart Drugs?

There are many students, celebrities and entrepreneurs alike who use these Smart Drugs to stay on top of their game.

Image Of Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris

UK Fighter jet pilots take Smart Drugs

UK Army

Joe Rogan Nootropics Talk

Joe Rogan

Dave Asprey modafinil entrepreneur

Dave Asprey

Businessmen in Wall Street Use Smart Drugs To Keep Focused

Wall Street Top Dogs

What if you could have the following?

enhanced cognitive performance,
greater focus,
increased productivity,
more cheerful,
increased stamina in physical activities,
whilst eliminating tiredness
and foggy minds


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Alternative Uses For Modafinil and Modalert

Modafinil is primarily formulated to keep fatigue at bay but because of its potent yet sustainable characteristics it is being used more widely. Its characteristics are comparable to amphetamines as far as perceptible cognitive-enhancing capacity is concerned.

Over the last few years it has been used quite widely, especially in situations demanding agility and cognitive stamina. It continues to enjoy a wide patronage among students, university professors, entrepreneurs and business executives plus socially active parents and politicians when they wish to escape the limitations of normal sleep-wake cycle.

There are quite a few features that make its consumption all the more tempting. Of these, the most significant is that it’s thought to be non-addictive. Its consumption doesn’t bring any changes of blood pressure or lead to severe euphoria. Moreover, it is inexpensive and doesn’t cause any hangover. Significantly, it has no side effects.

Alternatively, it slows down peripheral stimulation of consumers’ central nervous system (CNS), leading to enhanced level of alertness along with enlarged focus for both complex and repetitive tasks.

As a result of a study conducted in Canada on consumption of this drug among athletes, it was realized that an increasing number of them were using it to falsely augment their stamina while participating in competitions. This study comprised of fifteen male athletes, who were subjected to tests after being administered with 4mg per kg of body weight of either these smart pills or a placebo. It was observed that on average the group administered with these focus drugs demonstrated thirty percent more stamina, compared to the group that was administered with placebo.

Consequent to the results of similar interpretations, Armodafinil was believed to be inapt for sports activities and the World Anti-Doping Agency banned its use for athletes.

These products are also being tried as a medication for treating Alzheimer’s disease, post-opioid brain fog, post-anesthesia, and loss of memory due ageing, enhancing enthusiasm among the elderly and for methamphetamine misuse.

Though some are apprehensive of the likelihood of the drug causing addictive behaviour, its moderate consumption is proving to be helpful to stressed students, workers in night shifts and biologically underprivileged individuals.

Dosage Guidelines

Those just trying to get over an indication of tiredness would generally benefit on taking 100 mg of Modalert or half a pill of 200mg. For enhancing productivity, one dose in the morning followed by another of 100mg during lunch interval is promising. You can purchase Modalert 200 direct from us here at NZTModa, just click one of the product links above.

Those having issues of sleep disorders of any kind are not recommended to use this drug as it may continue to be in their systems for as long as fifteen hours.

Interference with other medicines

It is vital that before you start taking this drug, you should tell the doctor of any other prescribed as well non-prescribed medicines or herbal supplements that you may already be taking to avoid any undesirable reaction. It is especially important to talk about any drug that you may be taking for lowering blood pressure, or anticoagulants such as Warfarin, and medicines that may affect your hepatic enzyme activity (activity to quicken the process of expelling drugs from your body) like Phenobarbital and rifabutin. An alternative to the main form of these Nootropic based Smart Drugs is Waklert. You can also buy Waklert from us directly and it is stronger than Modalert so is recommended for the more advanced user.

There is a likelihood of these cognitive enhancer pills slowing down or accelerating liver enzymes that help expel other drugs from your body. In case you are prescribed antidepressants, their effects may also be affected. MAO (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) antidepressants do not blend too well with Nootropics. Also, it’s suggested to stop consumption of these for two weeks before, during and after taking Modvigil to keep away any serious problem.

However, these smart nootropics could restrict the efficiency of hormonal contraceptives such as birth control pills, patches, or rings. So, it makes better sense to use other kinds of birth control measures while taking these focus pills and continue with the same for four more weeks afterwards to steer clear of undesired pregnancy. Other types of Armodafinil including Modvigil and Artvigil, both very strong and will help keep you super focused throughout the day.

You should be careful of taking medicines for cold, containing ephedrine or pseudo-ephedrine as these could enhance blood pressure or heart rate. Alternatively, consumption of large volumes of caffeine along with Modafinil would cause similar effects.

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